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The initial form is Volfartioz, accusative, singular, masculine, inanimate. It is caused by the larvae of the wolfart fly Wohlfahrtia magnifica of the Sarcophagidae family (gray meat flies), which parasitize in wounds, ulcers, and mucous membranes of the natural openings of animals. Mostly sheep are ill, less often other animals.

Wolfart fly is a large insect of light gray color, up to 15 mm long. The head is large, the proboscis is of a licking type. There are three longitudinal black stripes on the dorsal side of the chest. The abdomen is ovoid, with a checkered pattern, the wings are wide, transparent. Flies are nectarophages, but sometimes they lick exudate from wounds and animal feces.


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Developmental Biology. The females are viviparous. 10-12 days after mating, the female matures up to 200 larvae, which she lays 10-35 larvae. into wounds, scratches, mucous membranes and macerated areas of the skin of the animal. Larvae of the 1st stage are worm-shaped, white, 1.5 mm long. They are armed with three oral hooks, the thoracic and abdominal segments have spines, intensively feed on tissue cells and blood elements, after 3-8 days, having made two molts, they complete their development.

Larvae of the 3rd stage are cigar-shaped, yellowish in color, up to 15 mm long. They come out of the wound, fall to the ground, burrow into it to a depth of 1-18 mm and pupate. The pupal phase lasts 9-24 days. The larvae that fall out in autumn overwinter in the pupal phase and complete their development in the spring of the following year. In the central regions, wolfart flies give 2-3, and in the southern regions - 5-6 generations per year.

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Wolfart fly lives in the central and southern regions, as well as in the south of Siberia. Wolfarthiosis disease is recorded in the southern regions from April to November, and in the central regions from May to September. Causes predisposing to the disease of promethazine pills are late shearing of sheep, skin cuts during shearing, watering sheep from water sources with boggy approaches, where the wool is constantly wetted and maceration of the skin develops, as well as belated castration and trimming of tails.

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Volfartiosis is accompanied by a decrease in total protein in the blood serum, an increase in the activity of aminotransferases, lactate dehydrogenase and other enzymes. Histomorphological changes develop against the background of circulatory disorders,vii, perivascular hemorrhages of the affected organ and are characterized by the formation of a granulation shaft, as well as hydrotic degeneration of cellular elements, necrosis of adjacent tissues. Clinically, the disease is manifested by animal anxiety, depression, fever, emaciation. Parasitic larvae in wounds destroy tissues, cause itching, pain. Sheep gnaw wounds with their teeth, graze poorly, lag behind the herd. Larvae affect a variety of areas.

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To identify animals with wolfarthiosis, a clinical examination of sheep is carried out every 2-3 days during the entire season of larval parasitism. Sick animals are treated with wolfartol, wolfazol-D, estrosol, hypodermin-chlorophos, chlorophos, DDVP, trichlormetaphos-3, cyodrin, neocidol, stomozan, butox, miatrin-C, etc.


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Diagnosis is based on clinical signs and detection of larvae in wounds and other affected areas of the body.


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Preparations in aerosol and propellant-free containers for the treatment of wounds are used once or twice with an interval of 5-8 days. A stream of the drug is directed to the wound and sprayed for 1-5 s from a distance of 15-20 cm. Hypodermin-chlorophos or dioxafos-K is applied to the wound from a syringe or swab with a consumption rate of 0.2 ml / cm 2 once or 2 times with an interval 6 days Chlorophos is used in the form of a 4% solution, cyodrin and neocidol - in the form of 0.25% aqueous emulsions.


Also effective are 0.2% permethrin emulsions, 0.01% K-otrin emulsion, and 0.003% butox emulsion. Spraying is carried out from disinfection machines DUK, V DM, LSD on special sites or in splits.


To reduce the number of wolfart flies when they leave wintering and prevent infection of sheep with larvae, in the spring, with the onset of warm days, preventive spraying of flocks of sheep with a 1% solution of chlorophos is carried out once a day with a consumption rate of 0.5-1.0 l per animal.